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Engine too cool

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Engine too cool

1994 Nissan Altima 2.4L automatic transaxle

In cold weather (around freezing) the car warms up fine and blows warm air if I am stopped or driving at slower speeds but as soon as I get on the interstate and drive 60 to 65 mph the gauge begins to drop until it is under the C for cold and the heater fan blows cold air. After I get off the interstate and drive at surface road speeds and stop and go the engine warms back up.

I replaced the thermostat and coolant but no change. What could be causing this and what is the fix?




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Re: Engine too cool

Certainly symptoms of a stuck open thermostat.

Re-check the thermostat for proper installation (misaligned or upside-down), or even defective and stuck open or opening early. Other than that, be sure all air is bled from the coolant system.
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