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2002 Lincoln LS Hard to start when cold

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2002 Lincoln LS Hard to start when cold

I have a 2002 Lincoln LS I bought used.  When I first bought the car it had about 75000 miles on it.  My problem started when it had about 92000 miles on it.  When it is cold I have a very hard time starting my car, at times it can take ten minutes before it ill finally starts.  I took it to several dealers and mechanics, and all of them told me that it was my fuel system  One told me it was my fuel pump and my jet pump.  I had both of them changed, the very same day I was having the exact same problem.

I am at a complete loss.  No offense but mechanics don't have the best track record of being honest. I don't know what my next step should be. It seems still that still that the problem is with the fuel system. 

As stated before it is the hardest to start when it is cold.  the colder it is the harder it is to start. I still have problems starting it when it is warm, the first start of the day is always the worst.  it does it on a full tank of gas and on a quarter tank. I read a post that said it could be the computer system.  Someone please help me!



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Re: 2002 Lincoln LS Hard to start when cold

Always start out by checking the basics. In your situation that would include installing a scanner, and inspecting for trouble codes and correct data. Something like an incorrect coolant temperature input to the powertrain control module could induce a hard-start cold.

Testing while the condition exists can also be helpful -- possibly having a fuel pressure gauge and an ignition spark tester installed prior to the first cold-start in the morning.

If everything is checking out OK, I'd suggest bringing the vehicle to a Lincoln service department and mention technical service bulletin # 03-7-3. This TSB deals specifically with engine flooding when attempting to start in "ambient temperatures between 30-40 F (-1-5 C), combined with a humidity level greater than 75%". For 2002 model year Lincoln LS and Ford Thunderbird the repair is only a reprogramming of the powertrain control module. Earlier years can get much more involved.
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