Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme:

94 oldsmobile cutlass supreme/turn signals

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jim dandy
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94 oldsmobile cutlass supreme/turn signals

i got the information about checking the fuses and flasher. both have power going to them. someone told me to check the turn signal relay switch. could you tell me if that could be the problem, and if it is, where is this located. thanks for all your input. jim dandy



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Re: 94 oldsmobile cutlass supreme/turn signals

Hey Jim:

Next time please reply to the same topic while we're on the same subject, as opposed to starting a new topic.


OK. Remember, there should be 12 volts at each terminal of the flasher, not just one (in and out).

If there is power at both, it's next step is up the wiring harness in the steering column to the Turn/Hazard Switch Assembly (no relay).

Remember you can get the schematics with a subscription to ALLDATAdiy.com for a reasonable price.

You would check for voltage (ignition on) at the purple wire (terminal A12 in the connector at the base of the column). Then you would check for voltage at terminal A4 (light blue wire) with left directional on, and A5 (dark green wire) for the right side. If you have the voltage going to the switch, but nothing coming out with a directional on, you have a bad switch (or break in wiring which is part of the switch).

It takes experience and special tools to disassemble the column and replace the switch.

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