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Swapping Ignition Parts ie: Ignition cylinder etc........

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Swapping Ignition Parts ie: Ignition cylinder etc........

Okay here it is....  I own a 99 ford contour since new, allot is wrong with the car because it was involve in a collision back in 2003.  Allot of problem seems to show  when it gets old but I don't want to get rid of the car.  I bought a parts car for $500.00 knowing that the car doesn't have a key. The owner claimed before the key disappeared that the car was cranking but not start, I didn't care about details because the car is for parts.  Now that I have the car at my house it looks allot better than mine and it never got to an accident (according to the owner).  He claims everything works A/C, heater and all.  So I call the locksmith guy he shows up made one key and claimed it is programmed (key with transponder) he said that was the first time that a key he made doesn't work, its unusual.  We verified together he shows me it is programmed because of the blinking light is no longer blinking faster, that's the indication that the key is programmed.  Now I have a non-working key, it will turn everything else accept the pump and the starter (lights not even dim with switch on cranking position).  All fuses are good. 

  So now I'm thinking of changing the ignition cylinder, module, ignition switch and computer (Swap parts).  Question?  Will this idea works for the parts car?  Swapping ignition parts from my working vehicle to the parts vehicles?  What I have already tried, I swap out ignition module and ignition cylinder and so far its not working.  The blinking red light in the middle blinks really fast, indication that there is a wrong code transmitting by the key to the computer.  Do I have to change out the computer and the ignition switch as well.  I was kind of nervous that my good car will not work no more but it did, fortunately.  I'm looking forward to hear from you.  Thanks for the help......



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Re: Swapping Ignition Parts ie: Ignition cylinder etc........

With a system like this you really need a scanner to check for trouble codes as an initial start to diagnosis.

But if the information you've given is correct, and the parts-car you bought was cranking away before the previous owner lost the key, then it still sounds like a programming issue.

In order for owners of this model Contour to program a new replacement key, they must have two good (programmed) keys to begin with -- or it cannot be done.

Without two programmed keys, it will require the "NGS tester or the SBDS tester using the Ford service Function (FSF) card" to clear all previous programming, and program new keys.

These tools are typically not found outside of a Ford service department.

Ask your locksmith if he used one of these special tools and the appropriate procedure. If not, you're gonna need dealership personnel to get it done.

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