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MY engine

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MY engine

Hello, just a quick question. I have a 2004 eclipse 4 cylinder and it's pretty slow. Now I know that it's gonna be slow no matter what, but is there anything I can check or clean that might be effecting the speed/acceleration?

Also are there any not too expensive ways to increase speed/acceleration? Like anything I can buy? I'm not looking to win a race just to have a little more go when I hit the pedal. (PS is it possible to make the wheels smoke with a 4 cylinder? I have an auto trans, and if there is a way how would i be able too)



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Re: MY engine

The way the economy is going and the price of gas is so high, a four cylinder engine seems to be the way to go. Making it go faster will only add extra wear and tear on the car and decrease fuel economy.

If there is truly a problem, checking out the vehicle with a scanner is recommended.

Engine timing, fuel pressure, and other sensors can contribute to a sluggish motor.

Faulty transmission parts can also make the car feel like it is towing a trailer. A scanner can tell an automotive technician a lot.

If the car is running normal and you want a little more pep, there are a few inexpensive things you may be able to buy. They can be found at a local speed shop. Things like air induction and air filter products, fuel delivery, and power chips for the PCM (Powertrain control module) may be available.

It is advisable for a trained professional to install these things if you are not familiar with the techniques to install these devices, If these parts are available.

A little power is always nice but I suggest that you enjoy the fuel economy and not worry about smoking the tires.

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