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Transmission questions

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Transmission questions

I have been looking online all morning for free online diagrams and parts information for my 1996 GMC Sierra 1500, V8, 5.7 automatic truck, and have not found the information of what I need.

First off, I need to know what that part is called, that is bolted on the rear of the transmission, attached to the driveshaft.

Second, I need to know if the seals are replaceable on this part.  If not, then do I have to get the whole part replaced?

Third, where do I get the seals (if replaceable) or the whole part?




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Re: Transmission questions

The part on the rear of the transmission by the drive shaft on the left side of the transmission is usually for the speedometer gear and speed sensor.

The seals are replaceable and can be bought at the GMC dealership. Just bring them the model number of the transmission and seal you are looking for.

You can try going to a local transmission shop and see if they have any extras left over. Most shops will probably give it to you if they have extra ones and do not have to break open a new kit.
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