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Whine in the front wheel

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Whine in the front wheel

I have a 2003 Subaru Forester that has a whine in the front wheel. It came up about 6 weeks after a brake job. It can be heard after highway driving of about 20 minutes on dry conditions. The whine will completely stop for a minute or two when I brake. It also pauses if I turn the steering wheel. The brake job was checked. The mechanic found that the brackets for the pad had been left off and put them on. The whine continued. Does anyone have experience with this problem or any ideas for solution? Thanks for your help



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Re: Whine in the front wheel

Try rotating the tires to see if the noise changes. If it does, it's a bad tire. If it doesn't change, it sounds like one of the front wheel bearings is going bad.

The noise going away and coming back while changing lanes at highway speeds is an indication of a defective bearing. Changing lanes shifts vehicle weight on and off of the bad bearing, making the noise vary accordingly.

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