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unknown fuse!

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unknown fuse!

I have an electrical problem with my Grand Cherokee 1996 5.2 V8
There's one fuse which blows every time I try to start the car.
It's an 20Amp mini-fuse located in the fusebox in the engine compartment.
There's nowhere to be found what the use of these fuses is. Can somebody tell me this. Don't bother looking in the user manual or the fusebox itself because you really won't find it. All fuses and relays are named except these 6 mini-fuses.
When you look in the fusebox with the big fuses on top and the relays on the left and bottom, the mini-fuses will be located in the middle on the right hand side. The one that's blowing is located in the right row the second from above.

Hope someone can help me end this misery. sad



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Re: unknown fuse!

You're looking at the "power distribution center" upside down, but the way I read it, that's "Fuse 20" which feeds 12 volts at all times to circuit F5.

Circuit F5 uses red/yellow 14 gauge wires. One wire leads to cavity A22 at the Powertrain Control Module, the other to cavity B16 at the Automatic Shut Down Relay.

With the ignition in Run or Start, the ASD relay is activated, connecting the 12 volts from Fuse 20 to Powertrain Control Module cavity C12, and splice S123 which powers the generator field terminal, fuel injectors, ignition coil and the upstream and downstream heated oxygen sensors.

If that's the case, it involves further tracing of the short which is blowing the fuse. Often it's a good idea to disconnect one component at a time (which are fed voltage by the fuse) to narrow down a faulty component. After that you're usually looking for a wire shorted to ground, somewhere.

You can get all the schematics with a subscription to Alldata.
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