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Blue wire Hanging behind Tire

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Blue wire Hanging behind Tire

I have a 2002 PT cruiser. I was hearing a creaking noise when I would apply my brakes so I stopped and looked under my car to see what the problem was. I saw that there was a blue wire hanging behind the driver side wheel like on the inside of the wheel.  I looked on the passenger side, and this blue wire was connected to a cylinder-looking thing.
I have absolutely no idea what the problem is now, I just know that I just had my car in last week for other problems. When is it going to end!

If you have any ideas, that would be greatly appreciated! smile THANKS!



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Re: Blue wire Hanging behind Tire

What repairs was the car in for recently? Any lights coming on at the instrument panel (Check Engine Light, ABS, etc.)? And was the wire near a front or rear tire?

Still not sure what you're seeing.

It would be helpful if you could take a picture (upload the image) of the component that the wire is plugged into on the passenger side.

I'm sure it's a matter of finding that component on the driver's side -- and plugging it back in.
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