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1997 Honda Accord with a 2.2 will not go foreword but will go backward. Can problem be the transaxle converter clutch solenoid ????



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Re: transaxle.....

Hi Phil:

Is the engine stalling when you put the transmission in drive, or does the engine race like it's in neutral?

If it's racing in drive and works fine in reverse, it may be one of a few electronic problems such as a faulty or misadjusted gear position switch, a faulty Powertrain Control Module, transmission solenoid, or an issue with the wiring in between. Any of these would typically cause the D4 indicator at the shifter to flash, indicating a diagnostic trouble code stored in memory.

The other possibility, which is very possible, would be an internal transmission failure that may require replacement of the entire unit. Get it to a Honda service department or a qualified transmission shop. It should be a quick and inexpensive diagnosis -- the repair may be another story. 

I had to move your topic. Not sure why you would ask a question on a '97 Accord in the Mitsubishi Montero Forum? We have to keep topics in the appropriate forums. Please read our "Rules and Guidelines" and let me know if you have any questions.
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