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having a problem with 2007 grand caravan side doors.

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having a problem with 2007 grand caravan side doors.

Left side door will unlock with key button, but sometimes won't open or close with remote or console and must be done manual. Right side won't even unlock, open, close or respond to remote or console. All must be done manual. Can anyone help this old man with this problem?



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Re: having a problem with 2007 grand caravan side doors.

This seems to be a somewhat common problem with this version of the Dodge Caravan. The system should first be checked with a scan tool for trouble codes in the computer. If there aren't any codes detected, you can try a few simple things:

Go to the Power Distribution Center located under the hood, next to the battery.

Find the 20 amp fuses labeled IOD (ignition off draw) and BCM (body control module). Remove them both for about a minute, and then replace them. Believe it or not, this seems to fix the problem for a lot of people.

You can also try taking the negative cable off the battery for about a half-hour. This procedure resets the vehicle's computers.

If the problem persists, get it to a dealership service department. They can diagnose the circuits and switches further and perhaps reprogram or replaced the Body Computer -- if required.

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