Infiniti G20:

bad motor?

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# 1  1/2/2010 11:10 AM

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bad motor?

have an infiniti g20. had my oil changed with synthetic oil.drove my car 7 miles and pulled up to a light and all my oil pumped out of my car. started to sound like spare change.pulled over and turned off. think my motor is ruined?



# 2  1/2/2010 2:42 PM

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Re: bad motor?

Not good. They must have left the drain plug loose, or possibly didn't remove the old oil filter gasket before installing the new filter.

Gotta fix the leak, fill it up with oil, and see what the engine sounds like. Also drain some oil after running it a while. You may be able to grade the amount of damage done by the size and volume of metallic particles in the oil.

Regardless, damage has been done and you have the right to seek retribution from the shop that did the oil change. I'd want a new engine.
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