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Have to fire it twice

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Have to fire it twice

Hi - I have a '98 Express 1500 that has had a recent tune-up and new fuel pump. It will not start quickly when cold. If I crank it briefly, shut it off, then quickly crank it again it fires right up. What gives?



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Re: Have to fire it twice

The first thing you should do is scan the computer for any trouble codes. Repair any codes that may come up.

Information on the Alldata website suggests monitoring the input of the engine coolant temperature sensor before starting the engine cold. The sensor should give about the same temperature as the outside air temp. When the sensor gives an improper signal it can tell the computer the engine is warmer than it really is and give a lean mixture signal which can contribute to your hard start problem when cold.

Also check the fuel pump relay operation. When the key is turned on the relay should send current to the fuel pump to prime the fuel system for two seconds and then turn off. With out the two second prime it will delay engine startup till the fuel pressure builds up to the proper pressure.

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