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98 Honda Passport 4 wheel drive multifunction switch

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98 Honda Passport 4 wheel drive multifunction switch

Turn signal lights stay on...on the dash when I turn the driving lights on. The radio light alternates with the signal light.

Drive light on the dash also alternates with the turn signal lights. We were told today that it was a multifunction switch. Would like your opinion...and can we install it ourselves? Where can we get a diagram?
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Re: 98 Honda Passport 4 wheel drive multifunction switch

You can get a diagram for the multifunction switch (combination switch) and a lot more by subscribing to ALLDATAdiy.

There are a few safety procedures you must follow to avoid damage to parts of the steering column and avoid personal injury. This part should be installed by a professional.

You can try one simple procedure and that is to check all fuses with a test light.

Sometimes a fuse blows and current feeds back through another fuse causing lights or other devices to function abnormally.

Also check for poor body grounds.

If everything checks out normal, have the switch replaced.

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