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This noise

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This noise

I own a 1969 El Camino and I hear this noise that sounds like a loose belt, but the belt is tight, when in neutral or park and I rev I do not hear this sound, when in drive and I hit the gas I hear the noise. I have no idea what could be causing it.

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Re: This noise

When in park or neutral you say the noise is not evident. By holding the brake hard, parking brake applied, wheels chocked, and nobody in front of the vehicle, put the transmission in drive and depress the accelerator slowly. This is referred to as power braking. With a helper standing outside (not in front of the car) you may be able to duplicate and locate the noise.

Often you can use a long screwdriver as a stethoscope, with one ear on the handle and carefully (avoiding all moving parts) touching one component at a time with the other end. At least try to determine if it's coming from the engine or the transmission area.

If the vehicle has air conditioning, turn the system on and off to see if the noise changes. It could be a drive belt squealing only under a load. You may want to remove the belt and see if the noise goes away.

Power braking the vehicle can also check the condition of the torque converter. If the stator in the torque converter is slipping you would be noticing a lack of power and it could also make noise.

It could even be a whistle from a vacuum leak in the intake manifold area.

Gotta narrow it down.

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