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Need help my tires make helicopter sound

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Need help my tires make helicopter sound

Need some help! I have 325i 2006 with 24000 miles on it.I have original Bridgestone 205 55 16 RFTs.These tires have deteriorated significantly in terms of comfort and ride.They were pretty quiet during the first 10,000 miles but after that they started making unbearable noise. At 65 miles/hour it sound like you are sitting in a helicopter.
I am also struggling to get rid of these tires and replace them with regular 18 inches tires. At this time I don't care much about RFTs.
Any suggestion:
1. What wheel and tires i should go for. RFTs VS Regular what options I have?
2 Do Contiprocontact SSR runflats, come in 18 inches.
3. Will there be any significant effect in handling if I go two numbers higher. (I mean from 16 inches to 18 inches).



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Re: Need help my tires make helicopter sound

I've never been a big Bridgestone fan myself -- always seem to be less expensive than the other big names, but you get what you pay for.

As far as going from the original 16" to 18" inch wheels is concerned, it boils down to how much money you have to throw around. I don't even want to guess what I nice set of factory or aftermarket wheels are going to run you, and then the price of tires on top of that. Bigger wheels decrease sidewall height which aids in handling, but stiffens ride comfort.

The ContiProContact SSR looks like a high quality all weather touring tire -- geared more toward luxury ride than sport handling.

You may also want to check out the Goodyear site and go over the Eagle lineup. There are lots to choose from depending on your needs (sport handling, ride comfort, noise, etc).

A rule of thumb is that the sporty tires are noisier and don't last as long as the quiet and comfortable touring class.

Run-flat? Again, your choice and more money. When was the last time you got stuck with a flat tire?

Sticking with the factory wheels and an educated pick from Continental or another big name sounds like a good way to go.
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