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1997 Honda Accord:
Check Engine Light, Clear Trouble Codes

Alex Steele
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The check engine light on my 1997 Honda Accord has come on twice while on long trips. The first time the dealer said it was a "false code" and reset it. Now it's on again. Can I reset this myself? It has 28K miles.




You can clear the diagnostic trouble codes from the PCM (Powertrain Control Module) memory all by yourself, but it's not going to fix anything. I'm not quite sure what they meant by "false code", but if the check engine light did come on while the engine was running; there is a problem -- period. If it showed a code that doesn't exist that would be a strong indication of a fault within the PCM itself.


To clear the codes simply go to the fuse panel under the hood and remove the Back Up (Radio) 7.5amp fuse for ten seconds with the ignition off. Then the next time the check engine light comes on bring it back to the service department and tell them your problem is for real.

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16 Apr 2013, 21:07
Replaced Distribubor and timing belt set all the tining marks with # 1 piston full up , now vechicle has no spark need help. thanks Ray
Oh sorry 1997 Honda Accord SE 2.2 ltr.
17 Apr 2013, 09:14
That's weird if you had spark before replacement of the distributor and belt.

If ignition or cam timing was off, it may not start, but you would still have a spark.

Remove the distributor cap and be sure the rotor is turning while cranking, If so, reinstall the old distributor to see if the spark comes back.

Also, if it's an internal coil, be sure the spring from the coil to the cap is in place and not damaged.


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