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1992 Ford F-150:
Problem Switching Dual Fuel Tanks

Alex Steele
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as seen in Truck Trend



I just bought a '92 F-150 with dual tanks. The truck was undercoated from the factory, so the undercarriage is in excellent shape.


The problem I am experiencing is when I switch from the front to the back tank, the gauge switches to indicate a full tank like it should, but within a few miles the gauge reads empty and the front tank reads full. Also, the truck begins to act as if it is out of gas.




The problem has to be, or at least related to, the fuel tank selector switch. This guy does all the work. When you're in "front tank mode" the selector switch sends 12 volts to power the electric fuel pump in the front tank. At the same time it connects the fuel gauge sending unit in the front tank to the fuel gauge in the instrument cluster. When you select the rear tank it does the opposite, and hooks up the pump and sending unit in the rear tank.


It sounds like there may be bad contacts within the fuel tank selector switch causing you grief. If it's acting up on a regular basis get it to a technician. It should be a quick confirmation with the appropriate wiring diagram and a digital volt/ohm meter.


Here's a little trivia on a somewhat relative recall pertaining to '90-'93 F-series trucks equipped with dual tanks. There was an issue with an internal check valve within the fuel pump not working properly. This would allow fuel pressure to "cross-flow" to the tank containing the bad check valve, which could eventually cause fuel to actually overflow out the fuel filler cap -- not fun.


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alan jeter
16 Apr 2012, 16:50
I am replacing the gas toggle switch in the dash does the black trim pry off with out having to remove the light knob or anything else?
19 Apr 2012, 18:40
Not quite sure what you mean, but you should check the service manual (your specific model) for correct remove/replace procedure for the switch.
Boba Fett
23 Apr 2012, 15:18
Must be the check valve on my 1992 F150
How do I replace?
26 Apr 2012, 18:46
If you're referring to the check valve within the fuel pump? You must first remove the affected fuel tank in order to replace the pump.


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Home » ShopTalk » Manufacturer » Ford » F-Series » 1992 - Problem Switching Dual Fuel Tanks
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