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Interior lights stay on after closing the driver's door. I can tell the problem is with the switch in the side of the dash. It isn't getting pushed in far enough...more

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Windows being the plural form of the word is important. We know that both the right-front and right-rear power window motors are inoperable. Since it's uncommon that...more

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My brake lights sometimes do not turn off after I have released the brake pedal. It seems to be getting stuck because when I tap the brake pedal the lights go out...more

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None of the power windows work in an Olds Aurora. Trying to find out if there's a relay that could be causing the problem, and if so, where is it located and how to test...more

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Every once in awhile when I start the car in the morning there is a puff of smoke coming out of the steering column just behind the steering wheel. Everything works fine...more

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If items like the horn, glove box light and the cigarette lighter are also not working then go and check the 20amp fuse #11 in the fuse panel. You may have popped...more

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Since the beginning of winter the horn has been going off all by itself when it gets really cold out. I would have to send my son out to remove the fuse...more

I stopped and shut the car off. As I was getting out I noticed the A/C was still going full blast, even with the key in my hand. My father disconnected the wire on the blower motor...more

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Drive about one mile to work and the car sits for about 3 hours before I go to lunch, but when I do, the fan starts with no problem. It just won't start in the morning...more

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