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Hello guys, I need help.  I took my 2004 MB SL500 to the dealership 7 months ago because the top didn't work.  I had to drive the car 15 minutes before the top will go down.  The dealer said I need to use the car more often. They replaced the two batteries. Six months late the top stopped working again. I took it back  yesterday for the same problem and replaced the two batteries under warranty. The top worked for a couple of times and stopped. 

What do you think is the problem?  The top would work after driving it for 15 minutes when I dropped it off. After the dealer looked at it, the top would not work at all even after they replaced both batteries.  HELP...

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It sounds like there may be a charging system issue. You mentioned that the dealer replaced the battery's two times and that you have to drive about 15 minutes to make it work.

According to the owners manual if the battery voltage is low the top won't work. Driving for about 15 minutes charges the battery's enough for proper operation of the top. Have the charging system checked out.

If you don't drive the car that much the battery voltage could drop enough for the top not to work. There is an item out there called a battery minder. The battery minder attaches to the battery and then plugs into the wall. All it does is keep the battery at the proper level, when the proper voltage is reached it will stop charging enough where it won't over charge the battery's. When you want to drive the car simply take it off and go.

If the top light is flashing there also may be a problem with the operation of the top. You only have about five tries to work the top, if unsuccessful operation is on the 5th try the system will shut down for 10 minutes. You have to wait the 10 minutes before you attempt to operate the top again.

This information is in your owners manual starting on page 195. I hope this information helps.
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