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Question about fuses

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Question about fuses

Hi, i have 93 mark 8 driver side window is not working , I just had the motor replaced about 2 yrs ago so im thinking it might bad fuse except the passenger side window is working so what i dont know is if there is a fuse for each window or is one fuse for both windows? ( I dont have the owners manual ) if it is the fuse I was hoping u could tell me which fuse operates the windows cause i have no idea,   thanks

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#2 8/12/2012 11:14 PM

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Re: Question about fuses

There is only one fuse it is fuse 14 and is a 20 AMP fuse.

The problem could be a switch or window module and could be as simple as a poor connection at a power feed or ground.

Using a test light you can check to see if you have power at the switch and also see if it goes down to the motor module and window motor.
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