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1974 Ford F250 lug nuts

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1974 Ford F250 lug nuts

I am the proud owner of a 1974 Ford F250.  I purchased the truck about 12 mths ago.  It has about 50,000 miles on it and is in good working order.
The brake light came on the other day, I noticed the master cylinder was low.  I added fluid.  The light came back on and off.

I looked under the truck and the rear driver side drum has fluid on it. 

So I pulled out my 20 ton jack and proceeded to loosten the lug nuts.  First off I couldn't find the lug wrench, there is a small jack that is mounted in the engine compartment, but no lug wrench.

So I pulled out my socket set and it sure feels like 13/16 socket.  SO I went to autozone, picked up universal (one side 13/16) wrench.

Back at home I tried loostening the lug nut, no way - it aint budging.. No sign of rust,, I tried another one - it came loose.. Another one and it seems the wrench is too big?  Is that possible?   The lug nuts all look factory, maybe the wrench is too big?  I couldn't imagine it being metric in 1974.

Regardless my question is what is the correct lug nut and stem size for a 1974 Ford F250.

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Re: 1974 Ford F250 lug nuts

The research I have come up with is that the heavy duty Ford trucks would most likely have metric nuts and stud size. If the 13/16ths didn't fit and the 3/4 didn't fit then the only thing to fit would be a 20 to 21 MM nut size. The stud size would most likely be 14 MM.
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